About Us

Bankura, the land of enriched cultural heritage, had been an unexplored district of West Bengal, in spite of its huge potentialities. Now a days The Government and Private Sector having come forward investment wise, the scenario is undergoing a significant improvement not only in the business sector but the agricultural division as well, thereby elevating the economic condition of the people. 

Being strategically located with neighboring industrial townships like Asansol-Durgapur and others, the district town Bankura happens to be a centre of major Healthcare activities of this entire region. Even, people flock in from neighboring states of Bihar and Jharkhand, mainly for medical assistance.

However, Modern Medical Science has made unprecedented progress. But, the benefits of advanced healthcare still remain in accessible to a majority of people due to high cost of services. There is a need to provide affordable healthcare and keep pace with changes in the ever expanding field of medicine.

As a son of soil, the directors of this unit wishes to provide modern scientific healthcare with accountability, sustainability and at an affordable cost.

The State- Of- The- Art Bandyopadhyay Healthcare Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centre and Pharmacy is the beginning of a long journey.

Our Team

The healthcare service project was conceptualized 3 years ago with a strong determination to provide modern scientific healthcare services with a state- of- the- art infrastructure and at an affordable cost . Led by Mr. Tusar Kanti Bandyopadhyay, Director, an eminent entrepreneur of West Bengal, with a high values to the society and with extensive experience of working in the various field have joined hands with a group of experienced doctors and other professionals and local people to establish The Bandyopadhyay Healthcare.

The other Directors of the company are Smt. Archana Banerjee, Mr. Ajoy Kumar Dutta and Ms. Papiya Bandyopadhyay. All are dedicated to fulfill the said mission.

Our Infrastructure:

The healthcare centre at present running in the ground floor of Udita Apartments with a carpet area    of over 3600 sq. ft.. Fully air conditioned complex with  state-of-the-art uncompromised interiors.  All basic amenities for the patient and patient parties. Picturesque front garden. Adequate parking place. Situated at the side of 120 ft. breadth road . All clinics and diagnostics facilities under one roof.


Our Directors

Tusar Kanti Bandyopadhyay Director

Papia Bandyopadhyay Director

Ajay Kumar Dutta Director

Archana Banerjee Director